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Portable Induction Cooktop: Firsthand Impressions

To educate our own staff about induction cooking, we are encouraging our staff members to take home our portable induction cooktop for a few days to try it out. Jason from order fulfillment did and had this to say:

My first experiment was frying a couple of eggs for my Saturday breakfast. My kitchen has severely limited counter space, so I set up the induction cooktop on a kitchen cart next to my built-in gas cooktop. As usual, I used an old cast iron skillet, as the eggs seem to taste better this way. Ordinarily, it takes several minutes for the gas cooktop to heat the skillet hot enough to cook eggs; however, with the induction cooktop, I turned on the unit to a medium setting, pored some oil onto it, and in the time it took me to get a couple of eggs out of the refrigerator, the pan was hot enough to cook the eggs. I was totally surprised that when I dropped the first egg onto the pan it sizzled and firmed up immediately; I had expected it to sit there unchanged for a minute or two while the pan heated up.

I conducted a more dramatic experiment that night. My fiancé Laura and a couple of friends had come over for a late dinner of steaks cooked on the grill. The weather was good, so we ate the steaks outside on the back deck. For dessert, I made bananas Foster. Making bananas Foster requires melting brown sugar in butter, which must be done at a fairly low heat. Maintaining that heat with a gas cooktop is tricky; however it was a snap with the induction cooker. Then, for the final step, I wheeled the cart out onto the deck, turned off the outside lights and, using the induction cooker with an outside outlet, brought the bananas Foster up to temperature, added the rum and flamed it off with a match right in front of the guests! The flickering blue flame added an impressive flair to an elegant dessert.

I was completely surprised and impressed that a portable unit could heat up a pan much faster and provide better low-level temperature control than my built-in gas cooktop.

Introducing Induction Cooking

Induction cooking is a great alternative to gas and conventional electric stove-top cooking. Induction cooktops use a magnetic field to generate heat directly within the pot or pan, resulting in much quicker heating, quicker response to changes in control settings and less wasted energy. Induction cooking has been popular in Europe for years and is [...]

Proper Care and Maintenance of Your Stone Sink

To maintain the beauty of your granite, marble, or onyx sink, wipe after use with a soft cloth (Check out our Micro Fiber Magic Cleaning Cloth that is perfect to clean your stone sink). In addition, clean regularly with granite or marble cleaner. Stone surfaces can be easily etched by cleaning products containing acids. Clean, [...]

Copper Sinks & Bath Tubs can ‘Heal’ Themselves!

Your copper sink or bath tub will not scratch any more easily than any other fixture made for kitchen and bath.  However, should you happen to scratch the surface and end up with a bright, shiny, streak somewhere on your sink or tub, you won’t need to take any steps to ‘fix’ it.  Because of [...]

Wall Mount for Stone Vessel Sink: Beyond Above-Counter Mount and Recessed Mount

There are two main ways to mount a stone vessel sink: if you have a square /rectangular / zen / oval / boulder sink then you are basically “stuck” with the above counter mounting method. The other method, which is effectively known as “recessing” allows you to lower the sink partially into the cabinet so [...]

Affordable Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Tip: Try Iron Stand to Go with Stone Vessel Sink!

Come to bath room remodeling with Stone Vessel Sinks, most cases people install Stone Vessel Sinks over a vanity, like shown in this picture. Alternatively, consider to install your stone vessel sink over an Iron Stand, this dramatically adds visual appealing and elegance to your bath décor.Online stores such as www.MyLuxuryKitchenandBath.com offer a unique selection [...]

Weekend Project: Affordable Bathroom Remodeling with Stone Vessel Sink

Enhance your house value and remodeling your home normally starts with bathroom. How can you remodel your bathroom within budget, over a weekend and get great satisfaction for your effort? Try the Stone Vessel Sinks!

Natural Stone Sink – Manifest beauty in Kitchen and Bath

A great idea to “light up” your old looking bathroom and kitchen and bring the natural beauty to home is to try gorgeous Stone Sinks. Granite, Onyx, Marble , Travertine…which stone to choose? Well, that depends on your preference, each stone has its own unique features: Onyx is an agate-like stone often translucent with a [...]

Copper Bathtub – Timeless Beauty, Affordable Luxury

Throughout history, copper bathtubs have graced the baths of stately mansions and the palatial homes of the very wealthy. Luxurious, practical and stunningly beautiful, copper tubs have for centuries, been the fixture of choice among kings, queens, emperors and aristocrats across a wide range of cultures, styles and time periods. Inspired by this rich history, [...]

Copper Sinks and Copper Bath Tubs Are Hygienic

Copper is naturally antibacterial, which makes it ideal for kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, vessel sinks and bath tubs.