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Copper Bathtub – Timeless Beauty, Affordable Luxury

Throughout history, copper bathtubs have graced the baths of stately mansions and the palatial homes of the very wealthy. Luxurious, practical and stunningly beautiful, copper tubs have for centuries, been the fixture of choice among kings, queens, emperors and aristocrats across a wide range of cultures, styles and time periods. Inspired by this rich history, we’re proud to offer our luxurious and ever expanding line of gorgeous, copper bath tubs.  So now YOU can afford the luxury too.  Instantly transform you bathroom into a home spa.

Using only the highest quality, natural material, our copper bathtubs are constructed of 100%, 16 gauge copper.  Each tub is individually hand crafted, which is lovingly and skillfully hammered, molded, shaped and transformed for hours from a plain sheet of raw copper into a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind bathtub that demonstrates a warmth, an identity and a beauty, uniquely its own.

For those with discriminating taste and an avant-garde sense of style, our copper tubs are “‘elegant-yet-rustic” looking with plenty of “old world” personality and tons of “modern-day” appeal.  If you’ve been dreaming of a bathtub big enough to move around in… deep enough to completely submerge in… and comfortable enough to kick back and relax in… this extraordinary copper bath tub was made especially for you!

Most of our copper tubs come in two very spacious sizes, roomy enough for you… and, your favorite other!  They are also deeper than normal so they easily double as a spacious soaking tub… the perfect answer to your home spa needs! Simply supply the soft music, candles and your favorite wine… and you’ll have all the ingredients in place to pamper yourself at the end of a hectic day!  Aside from its charm and ‘over the top’ style, one of the beauties of a copper bathtub is its natural ability to retain heat much longer than its cast iron and claw foot tub cousins.  Or, any other bathtub for that matter!  From the moment you sink into the warm, soothing water, your bathroom will be transformed into a magical ‘spa-like’ essence… look no further.  This luxurious copper bath tub was definitely made for you!

Nothing quite compares to a copper bath tub!  An elegant, low maintenance tub of timeless beauty, a copper bathtub is an incredible value and a wise investment that will give you years… and years… and years of pure enjoyment.

The perfect solution to bath remodeling and new home projects alike, if you really want to make a statement (and, be the envy of your friends and neighbors!)… or, if you simply want to indulge yourself with an incredible gift of luxury… a copper bathtub is the right choice for you!

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