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Copper Sinks & Bath Tubs can ‘Heal’ Themselves!

Your copper sink or bath tub will not scratch any more easily than any other fixture made for kitchen and bath.  However, should you happen to scratch the surface and end up with a bright, shiny, streak somewhere on your sink or tub, you won’t need to take any steps to ‘fix’ it. 

Because of copper’s “Living Finish” properties, your copper kitchen sink, bathroom sink or bathtub will quite literally ‘heal’ itself! 

Simply go about your normal daily routine and within a very short period of time you’ll notice the scratch begin to darken and slowly blend back in with the original patina! 

Here is a A True Story I want to share with you

Shortly after installing her gorgeous, copper farmhouse kitchen sink, a customer called to ask what she could do about a problem with the sink.

She told me that within a week of installing the sink, her 5 year old son left a fully ‘drenched’ glass of lemonade sitting in it.  By the time she discovered it, the lemonade had left a bright, shiny ring on the bottom of her brand new, dark patina, copper kitchen sink! 

Fearing the sink’s finish was ruined, she wanted to know if there was anything she could do to restore the patina and eliminate the shiny ring.       

You can imagine her dismay, when I responded that the best thing to do was to… do nothing!  At this point, doing nothing was really the only option. 

I then reminded her about the “living finish” properties of copper and suggested she be patient and let nature take its course. 

I assured her that her copper sink would eventually ‘recover’ and that the shiny ring would soon begin to darken and blend in with the rest of the sink’s dark patina finish. 

Although I’m sure she only half believed me, she resigned herself to leaving the sink alone and agreed to allow her copper kitchen sink to ‘heal’ itself!

After about 3 or 4 weeks she called to let me know that the shiny ring in her sink had almost immediately begun to change color and was indeed on it’s way to blending in with the original patina!

About a year later, she called to inquire about purchasing a copper bath tub.  When I asked about the ring in her copper kitchen sink, she told me that it was now barely noticeable and that she had completely forgotten about it!

What a great testament to copper’s natural ability to right, or ‘heal’ itself!  You’ve got to admit, that’s pretty cool!

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