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Weekend Project: Affordable Bathroom Remodeling with Stone Vessel Sink

Boulder Vessel Sink
Granite Boulder Sink
“Very beautiful”, maybe the words you hear echoed  from your house guest as they  exit the powder room.  This will surely give you pride in your decision to install a new granite vessel sink as today’s home value extends well beyond curb appeal.   While spring is still months away it is time to start sprucing up those rooms in the house that deserve a bit of luxury.   The powder room is an excellent starting place as most improvements can be accomplished within the weekend.

Approaching the powder room project as a two day installation will allow plenty of online shopping for stunning vessel sinks.  Many online stores such as www.MyLuxuryKitchenandBath.com offer a diverse selection of granite and stone vessel sinks that add a real touch of warmth and luxury any home owner would welcome.

Onyx Vessel SinkOnyx Sink – Hannah A shallow stone vessel sink such as the “Hannah” model can be combined with a waterfall faucet and secured over the existing cabinets for an quick and attractive accent to the existing décor.  Above the new fixtures a simple framed mirror can complete the new look to end the weekend beautification project. This method of bathroom remodeling brings warmth and elegance on even the most modest budgets.

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