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Proper Care and Maintenance of Your Stone Sink

To maintain the beauty of your granite, marble, or onyx sink, wipe after use with a soft cloth (Check out our Micro Fiber Magic Cleaning Cloth that is perfect to clean your stone sink). In addition, clean regularly with granite or marble cleaner. Stone surfaces can be easily etched by cleaning products containing acids. Clean, polish, and seal only with products meant for natural stone materials. Wipe your stone sink often so that it does not accumulate soap scum. With proper care, stone sinks can add elegance to your bathroom for many years.

Granite Sinks

Granite sinks are the most durable on the market today. They have been the most popular of the composite sinks in Europe for many years, and are now gaining popularity in the United States. Granite sinks are scratch, chip and heat resistant. If you drop a hot pan, heavy object, or food into the sink, you don’t have to worry. Granite can handle temperatures up to 535 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, stains can be cleaned up easily.

  Marble Sinks

Marble is naturally occurring rock comprised of calcium carbonate. No two pieces of marble, or any natural stone, are the same. All natural stone will have color variations. Marble is a soft limestone, as a result, is not as durable as granite. With proper care, marble sinks will continue to add beauty to any home.

Tips From the Stone Care Professionals:

• Clean spills as soon as possible. Blot, don’t wipe.

• Do not use plain dish soap as it leaves streaks and a residue that quickly attracts dirt.

• Never use everyday household cleaners, which contain ammonia and other harmful chemicals that break down the protective sealer, making surfaces more susceptible to staining and fading over time, which can cause expensive repairs or replacement.

• Protect natural stone by sealing every 12-18 months using Granite Gold Sealer.

• Use Granite Gold Polish on the sinks weekly to help prevent soap scum and water spots.

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