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Copper Sinks & Bath Tubs can ‘Heal’ Themselves!

Your copper sink or bath tub will not scratch any more easily than any other fixture made for kitchen and bath.  However, should you happen to scratch the surface and end up with a bright, shiny, streak somewhere on your sink or tub, you won’t need to take any steps to ‘fix’ it.  Because of [...]

Copper Bathtub – Timeless Beauty, Affordable Luxury

Throughout history, copper bathtubs have graced the baths of stately mansions and the palatial homes of the very wealthy. Luxurious, practical and stunningly beautiful, copper tubs have for centuries, been the fixture of choice among kings, queens, emperors and aristocrats across a wide range of cultures, styles and time periods. Inspired by this rich history, [...]

Copper Sinks and Copper Bath Tubs Are Hygienic

Copper is naturally antibacterial, which makes it ideal for kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, vessel sinks and bath tubs.

Choosing A Copper Sinks or Bath tub – Gauge Matters

Gauge Matters Although copper is extremely durable, it’s also a very soft and malleable material.  For this reason, it’s crucial that your copper kitchen sink, bathroom sink, vessel sink or bath tub be constructed of the proper weight (gauge) material. 48 ounce (the equivalent of 16 gauge) copper is the minimum weight that copper sinks [...]

Copper Sinks and Copper Bath Tubs – Recycled Copper vs. Pure Copper

Thinking about purchasing a copper sink or bath tub for your home? Copper sink and bathtub is one of the most beautiful choices. It gives natural warmth and timeless beauty that echoes of the past yet is rich in ‘modern-day’ appeal. But not all copper sinks and bath tubs are equal.