Double Bowl Copper Sinks

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Attractive, durable and easy to maintain, copper sinks have a natural, sophisticated quality that will magically transform your living environment into an extraordinarily elegant, luxurious and comfortable home. All our premium kitchen sinks are fabricated using 15-17 gauge copper, and they are for far less pricey than name brands since we are factory direct with no middle man. Our custom design copper sink allows you to choose various sizes, patina colors, art designs as well as installation choices.

10 Colors / Patinas
Copper Sink Colors
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5 Sizes

• Prep Sink: 22"
• Small Sink: 25"
• Medium Sink: 30"
• Standard Sink: 33"
• Large Sink: 36"
• Other Size: Contact Us

30 Art Designs
Copper Sink Design
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