Copper Color Sample

  • $6.95

Not sure how the copper table would look or feel like? No problem, for minimum charge, we are providing our customer the opportunity to order our hand hammered copper color/patina sample.

Copper samples are available in 10 different finishes, they are 4" x 4" tiles without design.

We offer one free sample per copper table offer despite of the increased price on copper material. You can go ahead order as many color samples as you need and pay for them now, once we receive your order for the product, we will credit back the purchase price for one sample.

Note: because of the nature of the copper material and hand made patina process, final product finish can vary from one and another, every piece is unique.  If you prefer more natural, rustic look, "Natural with spots" maybe your best choice, if you prefer more simple, unified look, Dark Brown should be your best choice. 

Note: we have limited supply of samples available. It would take another 1 to 2 weeks for new samples to be available, please plan accordingly.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

Option: Color

Our copper table top can be made in any of available patinas below. Click on each color to view the details.  Specifically,

  • Natural with Spots is a very beautiful and popular color; however, the pattern and shades of the spots do vary a lot due to its natural heat process. View  Natural with Spots Finish product here.
  • Fire patina comes in Spiral pattern only.