TUG OF WAR Design - Wrought Iron Table Base Handmade for Coffee Tables, Dining Table, etc (Various Sizes, #TBAS_TUGOFWAR)

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Furnish your table top with this unique custom made wrought iron table base . Each of our table base is individually hand crafted by our artisans with your specification. All of our products come with a 100% backed guarantee!

  • Table base pictures here are to show you some of our custom made table bases to go with various table tops. The actual model of the design of YOUR TABLE BASE depends on the size of your table top, table height or special specifications you might have.
  • The default color of the base is Black.
  • Table Top (if any shown in the picture) does not come with the base.

Option: Table Top Size

Our table base comes in several popular sizes for you to choose from. The size options are available in the "Table Top Size" option drop-down box above.

  • Personal Table Size: 24 inch or smaller, for 1-2 person
  • Small Dining Table Size: 30 inch or smaller
  • Large Dining Table Size: 30 inch to 42 inch
  • Large Dining Table (Extra Strength): 32 inch to 42 inch, Contact us if unsure We use heavy duty iron to support special table top weight need, such as granite table top.
  • Extra Large Dining Table Size: 44 inch to 70 inch
  • Other Size, Extra Weight Need or Unsure: Contact us
  • Custom Size and Design: we specialize in Customization, please Contact us!
  • Price may vary based on different size and design, please contact us for accurate quote. 

  • Contact us if unsure of the size, or you need special sizes.

Option: Table Height

  • Coffee Table Height: 16"-18"
  • Dining Table Height: 28"-30"
  • Counter Height: 34"-36"
  • Bar Height: 40"-42"
  • Other Height: Please Contact us

Contact us if unsure of the height, or you need special heights.

Note: All of our table bases are custom made to order, we'll work with you to meet your requirement, there will be no return nor refund unless the product is damaged or defected. Please refer to our Customized Projects/Items for details.

Seamless Integration with Our Custom Made Table Tops:

By getting the copper table top together with your table base, we can guarantee seamless integration of your table top with your base. In general, you don't have to specify how the bottom of the table top should be constructed, our artist will use their experience to make the best fit for you. However, should you have special need, please Contact Us to let us know. A couple of table top back views are available on the left.


We do customization! if you have any custom size you want or you want any art design, we can make them for you! We are factory direct, we do NOT surcharge custom size design. Please Contact Us for specifications and prices.